Are you planning to start a chip shop or snack bar?

Any starting chip shop can receive a starter package of 100 kg free fat of your choice. Don’t hesitate to contact us and ask for it. 

Step 1
Find a location and do a feasibility study

Once you have found an area where you want to set up a chip shop, you need to start by doing a short feasibility study:

  • Research the area: how many chip shops are there nearby?
  • Are they doing well? Try to find out why or why not.
  • Look into the number of residents of that area as compared to the number of existing chip shops. Make sure you do not go below the average number for Belgium. This is currently 1 chip shop for 2400 residents.

Step 2
Look for ideal premises

Particularly if you want to start a new chip shop from scratch, it is really important to choose the right location. You do not just want to attract nearby residents, but casual passers-by as well.

Ideal premises at a location with good visibility:

  • Make sure the chip shop attracts attention (colour, signs, name, logo): choose something recognisable with a fresh, clean appearance that is easy to remember.

Also try to take the following into account as far as possible:

  • Try to provide parking.
  • Provide seating as well.
  • Make sure everything looks very clean and tidy and smells fresh.

Step 3
Initial capital

Once you have found the ideal surroundings and location and you want to set up your own business, be sure to consider your financial circumstances. Make sure you do not put all your money into any conversion or improvement work that might be needed: keep enough in reserve to buy your first merchandise and marketing tools.

This will give you the luxury of complete freedom and independence without the obligation to take on a specific supplier for a long period of time because you are already in debt with them.

Step 4
Furnishing the chip shop and installing the fryers

You have a wide range of furnishing options. Choose an attractive house style that looks well cared for and try to use robust materials that will stand the test of time.

Installing the fryer:
Call on an established specialist to do this for you. It is important for you to be able to get in contact with the specialists easily in future and that they have excellent after-sales service, because if the fryer does not work you cannot open your shop.

A few established names:

Step 5
Choose suppliers with a stable balance between price and quality.

Supplier 1: Look for catering suppliers and compare the different specialities and qualities.

A general catering supplier (snack supplier, wholesaler) can provide all the products you need for your chip shop. Find someone local who can supply at fixed intervals for a good price.

Try to make your decision in good faith and do not be misled by any free gifts you might be offered.

Click here for the list of Belgian food service companies. 

Supplier 2: potato supplier

Ask friends who run a chip shop or catering business where they buy their fresh potatoes or ready-cut fries. Use fresh fries, whether or not they are ready-cut. Don’t be misled by better prices here, because the quality of your fries is the most important thing. Try to build up a good relationship of trust right from the start. Ultimately, your potato supplier is the supplier you will see most often.

Try to make your decision in good faith and do not be misled by any free gifts you might be offered.

Click here to see all the producers of potatoes and fries in Belgium

The best place to look for potato suppliers is the Yellow Pages for your town or area.

Supplier 3: Fat supplier (frying fat) (frying oil)

If you have space on your premises to store fat for two to four weeks, it is worth buying this product directly from a fat supplier. A fat supplier can always give you a better price because they can deliver a large quantity in one stop and they usually produce or pack the frying fat themselves.
Advantage: A larger quantity in one stop (from a supplier who produces or packs frying fat), so you can get the best price for excellent quality.

Suppliers 4 and 5: Sign a contract with a waste collector for your non-recyclable waste, kitchen scraps, paper, plastics and metals to ensure stable refuse collection. Try to separate as much of your waste as possible for collection, as this sill result in a lower cost price.

Click here for the list of refuse collectors

Fat collector: 99% of all restaurants and chips shops use a specialised collector for used cooking oil. It is best to keep used cooking oil and fat seperated from other waste because fat renderers or fat collectors will be able to pay you an attractive price for it.

Quatra can offer you the perfect solucion for the collection of used cooking oil. Click here for more information about the used cooking oil service 

Quatra can also deliver you fresh cooking oil: Click here for a list of fresh cooking oils and fats 

Use Google to search for: “used cooking oil collectors Belgium”. If you want to get the best deal for your fat collection, try to get a good verbal or written contract with supplier 3, who will combine the collection of used fat with the delivery of new fats. For you this means one middleman instead of two, and a better price due to a larger volume, less transport and a direct contract. Quatra also has a solution for this

Step 6
You are ready to start: keep your business on the right track!

You have found your location, chosen and furnished your premises and now it is the people in your business who will make or break it. These tips are worth their weight in gold.

  • Make sure you have fixed opening times and stick to them, because your customers need to be able to depend on you. Try to make sure the shop smells fresh and has been properly cleaned every day.
  • Make sure you have fresh products want quality is vital, particularly if you are just starting out and still need to make a name for yourself.
  • Try to set yourself apart from the rest, perhaps by offering dishes you have created yourself, or try to create added value by making your own sauces or selling homemade saté sticks.
  • Make presentation and customer service your priorities and many people will help you to make your business a success.

Are you about to start a new chip shop, do you have any questions or need help with setting up a new snack bar?
Call us on +32 9 336 1 336: we will be pleased to help.