Deliveries of fresh frying fats and oils

Fresh frying oil brought right to your door!

Quatra delivers its own high-quality oils to your catering business. We have local teams to deliver these fats and oils to you promptly. We agree to a certain quantity that we deliver at fixed intervals, or phone us and we will deliver within a few days.
We can be at your door within 24 to maximum 48 hours.

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Our online store makes it simple for you to view your details and change them if necessary, view and change delivery and unloading times, request collections and place orders.

This makes it easy to compare prices with other products that are currently being sold on the market, so that you can work out for yourself how much you are saving.

You can also opt to pay online, which will give you an extra discount.

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Quatra Combo

Fresh frying oil deliveries + used frying oil collection = Quatra Combo = an even better price for identical quality. Ask for more information or look at the difference in price in the customer zone

*available from 50L consumption per month.

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We follow your frying oil from the fields to the fryer, then turn the oil into biofuel after use.

Advantage to you:

  • Work directly with the frying oil producer
  • Buying in greater quantities means you get a better price
  • Easy to order online
  • We remind you when your oil is almost used up
  • The most environmentally friendly solution because we combine production processes and combine transport 
  • Perfect traceability for both fresh and used fats
  • One contact person for all your fats and oils.

More than 20,000 satisfied customers

A few references:

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We serve both smaller or more specialised catering businesses and the larger chip shops and hamburger restaurants for the delivery and collection of their frying oils and fats.

“We only serve some customers once a year, but we do it within 48 hours and I am proud of that”

Bram Van Rentergem - dispatcher.