Used cooking oil collection

Guaranteed to offer the best price for your used frying fats and oils.

Quatra is the only Belgian rendering plant with its own collection service for used frying fats and oils.

Quatra is your partner for disposing of used frying fats and oils, using its own trucks. If you are starting up a new catering business, we will be happy to help you sort out your legal obligations for disposing of your frying fats. Existing catering businesses are also welcome to take another look at their existing contracts and ask us for price quotations.

We serve chip shops, restaurants, caterers, care homes, industrial canteens etc.

Truck Quatra

Collection of used frying fats and oils:

  • Free recepients
  • Free service
  • Automatic collection frequencies
  • We will be there within 48 hours
  • We pay you for your used frying fats and oils and guarantee the highest price on the market (cash or transfer)
  • Collection on demand is available if required

Extra Quatra guarantees:

  • We sort out your admin (legal requirements)
  • We are fully insured and accredited
  • We make sure you do not get any fines
  • We ensure full traceability
  • Every drop of oil is used for biodiesel
  • You can ask for environmental certificates and collection histories at any time
  • No worries, no charge: we come automatically

“We are ready to serve you every day with clean, fast service”

Wim De Wolf - Driver with more than 30 years’ experience in collecting and delivering frying fats.

Quatra provides the following packaging for collecting your used frying fats:

Quatra 50 kg
Quatra 100 kg
Quatra 120 kg
Quatra 180 kg
Quatra IBC 600 l
Quatra IBC 1000 l

OlioBox recipients = used cooking oil in packaging from households


We work for both collectors and large industrial consumers of frying oil.