Free frying fat - oil!

Purchasing frying oil / frying fat for a restaurant or ship shop is one of the most expensive purchases you will make.

At present you buy your frying fat from your regular dairy supplier or snack supplier. Your wholesaler comes by weekly and delivers the products you need for the coming week, which is sometimes a relatively small quantity. This means that every delivery costs money, of course, which is reflected in the price of the products sold to you.

One of the most expensive purchases is frying oil. The oil is sent from the producer to the brand or packer and from there to the supplier who brings it to your catering business.
Your supplier sets off with a full truck and comes back with an empty one.
Your supplier comes by every week, which makes it possible to deliver limited quantities of everything to you.

Advantage for you

  • Very good service and particularly flexible due to weekly deliveries

Disadvantage for you

You pay a high price:

  • too many middlemen
  • too small quantities
  • transportation is not optimal
  • no reason to deliver a greater volume to you.

The solution!

Quatra purchases fats and oils directly, which are dispatched from the Quatra site straight to you door. After unloading the fresh fats, the same truck takes back your used fats to be unloaded on Quatra premises at the end of the day and turned into a raw material for biodiesel. By combining the transport of new and used fat, we make huge savings on transport costs.

Advantage for you

You pay a high price:

  • One middleman for you frying oil
  • A greater volume in one delivery
  • Everything is done at the same time, so you won’t need to see us again for a few weeks
  • This is really green. We don’t just save on transport costs by driving from Quatra to your business: there are no other journeys from the producer to Olio either.
  • Biggest benefit: all these cost savings that we make are immediately reflected in the price of the new oil.
  • You pay up to 40% less for your frying oil

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