About us

Quatra started out as a used frying oil collector and has grown into a used frying oil processor. We have now reinvented ourselves as a producer and supplier of fresh frying oil. Our goal is to serve our customers as well and as cheaply as we can!

Think Green - One truck does it all

About us

Nothing is wasted: 100% optimisation

Quatra believes in recuperating 100% energy from waste. Nothing is wasted: frying oil is turned into biodiesel, waste from frying is turned into biogas and other waste flows such as plastic etc. are cleaned, sorted and sent for recycling in turn.

Over the years that we have been in business, we have learned that our clients have different needs. This experience, and our close network, have led us to develop enormous flexibility with excellent service at attractive prices.

“We are not waste collectors: we supply your restaurant with basic materials that we transform after use into raw materials to make biodiesel”

Piet Van Pollaert - managing director

Produce - Supply - Collect - Recycle

We do all this in one truck with completely physically separate compartments: think green – two services in one trip

  • Produce

We produce the fresh fats and oils ourselves at our production site in Lokeren (Belgium)

  • Supply

Our close network of our own, local drivers enables us to deliver your fresh frying fats and collect your used frying fats at the same time.

  • Collect

Our trucks and depots have all the permits required to collect used frying fats. Service, hygiene and reliability our top priorities.

  • Recycle

Everything we collect is recycled and turned into renewable energy. Nothing is sent to the tip. All this is done in a recycling process that is almost 100% automated and meets the strictest standards.


Quatra is a family company with more than 50 years’ experience in recycling used frying fats and oils.

The name Quatra belongs to the company previously known as Atravet, which was founded in 1984 with the specific aim of collecting and recycling used frying fats. After taking over the companies Vetboerke - Biorecup (France), Biovet (only French customers) and Van Wijk & Olthuis (only Belgian customers), Ecoson (Belgium), the name Atravet was changed to Quatra in 2014.

In the meantime, Quatra has built up a market share of more than 65% of the market for collecting and processing used frying oil in Belgium and Northern France.

In 2011 we moved to our new site in Lokeren in Belgium. Here we built a state-of-the-art factory where we process the fats in the most environmentally friendly, economical and labour-friendly possible way to create a basic raw material for the production of biodiesel. We collect the fat ourselves from our 20,000 customers. We believe it is important to deal with the entire process ourselves so that we can guarantee good service and great flexibility.

Most of the fat we collect is taken directly to our site in Lokeren. To improve our service in certain regions, we do use depots. Quatra has depots in Lokeren, Mechelen, Brussels. and in France, in Béthune, Cambrai, Mitry-Mory, Ivry-Sur-Seine, Eperney, Nancy, Metz, Strassbourg, Sélestat, Muhouse, Troy, Chateaudun, Rennes, La Rochelles, Bordeaux, Angers, Nantes, Tours, Lyon, Toulouse, Montpelier and Nice. 

Our many years of experience have taught us that you do not grow just by offering your customers great service: you also need to keep your prices very competitive.

To guarantee our customers the best prices, we are constantly in search of new ways of improving our process. Besides ensuring a close network and good routing for our core process (recycling frying fat), we also do this by offering a wider range of services to our existing customers. This is why we started delivering fresh frying fats to our own customers in 2010. By combining deliveries with collections, we were able to save on transport costs and cut our prices.


This has since grown into a fully-fledged activity, supplying more than 2000 customers on a regular basis with our own frying oil under the brand name Quatra.

This increase has allowed us to establish a new plant in 2016 where we will mix and pacakage the frying fats and oils into a finished product. therefore we are no longer just a supplier but also a producer.

By launching new oils and fats, we aim to offer our customers greater benefits, purchasing and delivering these products in a single transport. This makes us greener and cheaper, which means greater profits for our customers.

Quatra is grateful to its customers and staff for their confidence and hopes that it will continue to grow at the same pace in the future.

We believe it is very important to maintain good relationships with our customers, so if you have any questions or comments, please let us know. You can phone or e-mail our head office in Belgium.


Responsibility and customer guarantees

Quatra is fully accredited and insured to collect all used vegetable and animal fats and process them into a raw material for the production of biodiesel.

We have both ISCC EU and Italian Double Counting (NIS) certification for collecting and processing both vegetable and animal used frying fats.
Quatra is also a member of the Valorfrit organisation, and we report the quantities of fat we collect to them in order to track the percentage of used frying fat that is recycled.

Quatra has also signed a long-term partnership agreement with Natuurpunt and Natagora (the two most important organisations for nature in Belgium) to collect as much used frying fat as possible from consumers using the OlioBox.

Other important permits: Ovam 8120, BIM 027, OWD 2509


Supporting charities

OlioBox - www.oliobox.be
OlioBox is a collection container at supermarkets for used frying fats and oils in sealed packaging. For this collection concept, we work with Natuurpunt and Natagora. These are the two most important organisations for nature in Belgium.

For every litre of frying oil collected in the OlioBox that can be turned into biodiesel, OlioBox makes a financial donation to these two charities: the equivalent of 3m² of countryside for each full OlioBox. "